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Sanchez Reveals Weiner Addiction
Written by Shaun Flynn   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 15:10

250px-Mark_Sanchez_-_Jets_-_Sept_2009OAKLAND - Everyone has a dirty little secret, but Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's secret played out on national television.  Sanchez shocked the nation Sunday when he was caught by cameras with a weiner in his mouth on the Jets sideline during a football contest against the Oakland Raiders.    

"I would like to apologize to my family, my fans, and the entire Jets organization for my actions on Sunday.  I do plan to seek help for my addiction," Sanchez said.

In the post game news conference, Sanchez admitted to experimenting with weiners while celebrating a Jets victory last month in Manhattan.  He claims that he never had a weiner before he was drafted by New York.

The Sanchez incident brings light to the weiner epidemic in New York City.  City officials estimate the weiner trade has become a 200 million dollar a year business in the big apple.  Almost 100,000 weiners are bought on the streets of New York city every day.

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