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Cheering banned in UNC's Smith Center
Written by Shaun Flynn   
Monday, 14 December 2009 13:04

CHAPEL HILL, NC - As usual, you could hear a pin drop in the Smith Center on Saturday. Although the UNC basketball team blew out Presbyterian College 103-64, it was an altercation with a fan that turned out to be one the most exciting event of the evening. 

At one point during the second half, as UNC's Deon Thompson stepped to the foul line, the lone Presbyterian Blue Hose fan in the crowd yelled out "your gonna miss, Deon." 

The aging fanbase didn't know what to think as the fan cheered for the opposing team.  It is reported that several fans activated their Life Alert bracelets.

UNC coach, Roy Williams, feeling offended by vulgar language, told the fan to, "shut up." 

Then the fan began impersonating actor Robert Deniro saying "You talkin to me? Are you talking to me? 

Feeling upstaged, Williams repsonded with "yeah, I'm talking to you."

The Presbyterian College fan, Brian King, was then escorted out of the building by security.  UNC officials claim he was intoxicated and unresponsive to their requests to move seats.

On Monday, the athletics department issued new rules for fans visiting the Smith Center.  The main change is that fans are not to cheer for the opposing team.

"We have a very relaxed atmosphere during our games here at the University of North Carolina,"
UNC associate athletics director Steve Kirshner said.  "We'll do anything to preserve that."
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