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Seattle Mariners defect to Canada
Written by Shaun Flynn   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 16:54
TORONTO - After winning a 5-4 decision against the Toronto Blue Jays last Sunday, the Seattle Mariners lost 2 players before their flight back to Washington DC. The players had gathered in an airport bar when Jack Roy and Ricky Nelson were nowhere to be found.  

Mariners Manager Don Wakamatsu said, "I thought for sure they were in the bar."

The two players defected in light of the current economic crisis in the United States. They seek a better life for themselves and their family back in the states. The Canadian Government has granted full asylum to the athletes and will allow them to apply for Citizenship if they choose to do so.

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper said, "it's our duty as Canadians to help these refugees."

Nelson was keeping busy when reached by phone on Wednesday. "We risked everything coming here. The first thing I plan to do is see a doctor," he said.

Roy's thoughts were with his family back in Seattle. The second baseman explained, "I miss my family.  I hope one day we can be reunited."

A benefit concert will be held next Friday to raise money for the Athletes at Degrassi High School in Toronto. Musical acts Bryan Adams and the Barenaked Ladies are scheduled to perform.

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